Hidden Meadows Ranch
Flag Night Friday 7 pm
Spring, summer and fall weather dependent Jumping Wednesday and some Thursday nights at 6 and 7pm

Rider Exams
Congratulations to:
English Rider 1 and 2 -  Hannah Egert, Elisha Parkinson, Elianna Pyle, Taylor Miller, Julia Egert, Emma Egert
English Rider 3 - Hannah Egert, Doug  Sroka, Emma Egert, Julia Egert English Rider 4  - Hannah Egert, Doug Sroka     English Rider 5 - Doug Sroka, Hannah Egert Western Rider 1 - Dayna Inkster, Zelda Marshall, Jaden Navarro, McKenna Mitchell, Shalin Steel, Samantha Gabruch, Rachael Benjamin
Western Rider 2 - Elianna Pyle, Cassidy Somers, Cody Somers, Keeley-Shae Somers, Taylor Miller, Zelda Marshall, Meisha Antonenko, Tatiana Antonenko
Western Rider 3 -Faye Erickson,  Miranda Wiens, Darcy Yaseniuk
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English or Western riding lessons cater to a variety of needs and skill levels. Bring your own horse or ride one of the lesson horses. Riding lessons start mid-April and go until mid-October or as long as the weather holds. Lessons run Monday to Thursday after school, some weekends, summer and school holidays.

All group riding lessons are approximately one hour in length. Private lessons are 1/2 hour.

Cost is $50.00 + GST on a lesson horse (if you attend a regular weekly lesson) and $40.00 +GST on your own horse.

A 2 session introductory package is available for $200

Call or email for more information.


Western and English Rider Programs

If you like to set goals and monitor your horseback riding progress, learn about stable management and other "horsey" things, one of these programs may be for you. Both programs are nationally standardized and approved through Equine Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada and the Saskatchewan Horse Federation.

To register, all you have to do is take out a membership in the Saskatchewan Horse Federation www.saskhorse.ca , purchase a manual and then talk to me about preparation and testing when you're ready to move up a level. It's a fun way to see your growth and the certificates are a great keepsake!!!


Practice Rides on School Horses

Practice rides on school horses may be available to students who are in a regular weekly lesson program.


Stable Management Lessons

For those participating in the Rider programs, stable management lessons are a must. A variety of stable management topics will be covered. There is no charge for students enrolled in one of the programs.


Introduction to Riding

If you're just starting or just wanting to get back into horses, these introductory horsemanship lessons are a must. Lessons include catching, grooming, leading, ground work, tacking up, cooling out and putting away as well as an introduction to riding.


Therapeutic Riding

Lessons for persons with physical or cognitive challenges are available. Contact me for more information.


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)


Want to learn more about yourself? Want to learn some practical strategies for more effective team work? Get involved in some Equine Assisted Learning sessions. The horses never lie and always teach you more about you than any other human can. You don't have to ride or even know anything about horses to do this. EAL is all done on the ground with horses as team members. Contact me for more information.



Vaulting is an International sport Vault Canada that combines gymnastics with horseback riding. Vaulting is a regular part of the lesson program at Hidden Meadows Ranch. Vaulting develops balance, coordination and core strength. It helps to improve rider confidence. The first few riding session for young students is with a vaulting surcingle.



Outside board is available for a limited number of horses. A variety of boarding options are available. Boarders have full use of all facilities including the new indoor arena.

Contact me for more information.