Hidden Meadows Ranch
Flag Night Friday 7 pm
Spring, summer and fall weather dependent Jumping Wednesday and some Thursday nights at 6 and 7pm

Rider Exams
Congratulations to:
English Rider 1 and 2 -  Hannah Egert, Elisha Parkinson, Elianna Pyle, Taylor Miller, Julia Egert, Emma Egert
English Rider 3 - Hannah Egert, Doug  Sroka, Emma Egert, Julia Egert English Rider 4  - Hannah Egert, Doug Sroka     English Rider 5 - Doug Sroka, Hannah Egert Western Rider 1 - Dayna Inkster, Zelda Marshall, Jaden Navarro, McKenna Mitchell, Shalin Steel, Samantha Gabruch, Rachael Benjamin
Western Rider 2 - Elianna Pyle, Cassidy Somers, Cody Somers, Keeley-Shae Somers, Taylor Miller, Zelda Marshall, Meisha Antonenko, Tatiana Antonenko
Western Rider 3 -Faye Erickson,  Miranda Wiens, Darcy Yaseniuk
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Team Tracker

Team Tracker is an innovative and exciting outdoor treasure hunt. It's a race against time, pitting your skills and teamwork against those of the "Team Tracker" (who is on horseback).

Team Tracker is fashioned from the popular ManTracker television game. It is a combination Scavenger Hunt, Hide and Seek game and Team Building exercise on top of good old fashioned exercise and fresh air!!!!!

Participants are split into teams of 4 - 6 people who each wear 2 colored armbands. Each team is given a map indicating the location of the "treasures" to be found. While the teams are searching for their treasures, Team Tracker (Man Tracker) is searching for them! If Team Tracker (the Man Tracker) gets within 5m of a person, that person must give up an armband but still continues to play the game and assist his/her team.

The teams compete to see who can get back to home the fastest, with the most treasures and having lost to the Man Tracker  the fewest armbands. The game takes place on approximately 30 acres in a picturesque setting of trails, meadows, bush and gentle hills. It's fresh air, exercise and a lot of FUN!

Team Tracker can be adapted to groups of all ages and interests for up to 60 people. Play time is approximately 1 1/2 hours. Applications may include options such as a fitness workout, corporate leadership and team building, birthday party, staff party, family reunion, school year end party, youth group activity and a follow-up BBQ. . Call or email for more information or to book a game.