Hidden Meadows Ranch

Working Equitation Playdays 

July 4/5 

 Taylor Douglas Performance Horsemanship Clinic

August 8/9

 HMR Summer Classic Hunter Playdays

August 15/16

Annual Women's Retreat

July 31 - Aug 2


 Harvest Hoedown Cowhorse


Flag Practices Most Fridays  5-8 pm. $21/horse.

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Meet the Horses

Meet the Horses


is a 14.1 hand bay Quarter Horse gelding with a small star. No one knows for sure how old Ziggy really is because he has no teeth from which to tell his age. He came to the ranch in the summer of 2008. His previous owners thought him to be in his mid teens. He eats a 5 gallon pail of soaked hay cubes and some complete feed and oats twice a day. He appears to eat hay and grass but because he can't chew it well enough to swallow, he just gums it then spits it out. Most people who are small enough ride Ziggy their first few times. With a beginner, Ziggy is safe, quiet and dependable. He will slowly walk and trot around the arena for hours. When one of the older kids gets on, though, he picks up his feet and is one of the nicest horses for riders to learn to jump.


is a 14.3 hand chestnut Quarter Horse gelding with a star and a small strip. He was born in 1988. Cody was used previously as a rope horse and to work cattle. When people want to learn to pen and sort cattle, Cody is the one to ride. Since coming to Hidden Meadows Ranch, Cody has learned to go English and to jump. He is very reliable and excellent on the trails. Cody is a fun horse that anyone can ride. Unfortunately, Cody passed away in the summer of 2015. He is dearly remembered and missed!


is a 6 year old, 14.2 hand, registered paint gelding with no color. He is a solid chestnut with a small star. Rogan worked in the community pasture for a year then was a team roping horse. He is very gentle and LOVES attention. Rogan loves to jump and do pole bending.


is an 8 year old registered Quarter Horse. He is 15.3 hands high. Koko loves to jump but also likes when we put a western saddle on him and go on a trail ride or move cattle. Koko likes barrels better than poles. Koko was recently sold to Julia Egert. Koko and Julia can be seen in the Hunter ring at the shows.


is a 19 year old paint gelding. He stands about 15 hands high. He had an infection in his left eye about 10 years ago and had to have his eye removed. But even with one eye Skipper is a very nice ride in the arena and on the trails. Skipper has been sold to a family with 2 young boys who want to learn to ride and rope with their dad. He has a great home and is well looked after.


is a 6 year old bay QH gelding. He was very green when he arrived in 2015 but is proving himself to be consistent and willing with a variety of riders. He has a trot that is so smooth you hardly can tell he's moving!



was born sometime in the fall of 2007. She was confiscated by the SPCA when her owners left her and a sibling outside with no food or water when it was -30. I got her from the pound in January of 2008. From a puppy that had no faith in humans, she has turned into an amazing dog. She is getting old and a bit grouchy but does her job well.  Her job is to keep all the coyotes and other predators and rodents away!


is a border collie cross who came from the pound. She loves life and people. Kola's job is to keep the coyotes away from the ranch and she does it well!


is my newest acquisition. She is a purebred Border Collie pup who absolutely loves life. She is definitely "BUSY" and I need to find time to challenge her on a daily basis. She learns VERY quickly and is already helping me around the ranch.